Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mask 'n' Ask Review and Giveaway

Mask 'n' Ask a new game for 2013 from Drumond Park 

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This game was sent for us to review from Drumond Park.

When I was a child I remember playing Who Am I with a post it stuck to my forehead!! I wish we had had this game then as it is far superior to a post it note! 

Mask 'n' Ask is new for 2013 and will make a fabulous addition to the Christmas Day games for all the family. It retails at £16.99 and the board game is for up to four players aged 7+. Having said that my youngest at age 3 played the game, as she was determined not to miss out on wearing a mask and taking part! 

Mask 'n' Ask contains thirty high quality masks which are double sided, on one side there is an animal and on the other a human character, for example a wizard, sailor or princess.  

Each player has a turn at spinning the spinner, they then ask the other players the question that is printed on the board. This is a great idea as it means the children don't have to think up a question or a series of questions themselves. The question may be, for an animal mask, "Do I have stripes?". For a human character mask a question may be "Do I wear a helmet for my job?". Their opponents have to give a 'yes' or 'no' answer and the player then places a YES or NO token on the relevant space; thus helping them to remember the answer. This was a particularly good feature of the game for the younger players. My 6 year old daughter wanted to play and this helped her to remember what she had answered. 

The winner is the first person to guess three masks correctly. 

We thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. It was interactive, funny and made us all laugh and giggle. Stopping the children from peaking in mirrors was a challenge!, we had to have a strict no leaving the room or standing up rule to make sure no one cheated! All part of the fun though. 

There were a good choice of masks and my children chose a mix of animal and human character masks, they thought having mum and dad sat with a princess mask or a tiger mask was hilarious!

Good fun and a good all round family game that we shall definitely bring out on Christmas Day and lots of days in between!

Thank you to Drumond Park for giving us the opportunity to have such fun. 

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