Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dying to be Heard - Be a Voice for the Victims

Mesothelioma Awareness Day - September 26th 

I'd like you to meet Heather and Lilly. In fact I would like to meet Heather and Lilly.
I was deeply humbled and inspired by this courageous and brave mother. In 2005 at only 36 years of age, having only just given birth three months previously to her daughter Lily Rose, she was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma.  She began a search with her husband, Cameron, to find the best mesothelioma treatment care available.

Today she is a 7 year mesothelioma survivor, having only been given 15 months to live. Her mission in life is to spread HOPE and AWARENESS of mesothelioma for others who may be going through the trauma of such a diagnosis.

September 26th is Mesothelioma Awareness Day and Heather would like you to help spread hope and a voice for victims of mesothelioma. She is aiming to get 7,200 voices shouting out her message, spreading awareness and sharing a simple message that could save lives.

For the facts go to:

So are you willing to spread the word, raise the awareness, be a voice for the victims of mesothelioma.

 I am. 

Lets tweet, blog, post, facebook and get the word around the block...... 

Mesothelioma Awareness Day - 26th September 

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