Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Kindness Elf - Will's antics.....

'Will' the Kindness Elf's Journey so far.....

Bringing Thank you letters from Santa - they all had a chocolate coin and an individualised thank you note thanking them for their letter.

On the slopes!  Will asked the children to help a friend out.

An upside down message today -   Offer your advent sweet to someone you love..

Kind hands today......

Coming up next will be:  

  • feed the birds, 
  • fold your clothes in one drawer!, 
  • smile, smile, smile 
  • donate a toy to the charity shop...

What is your elf/elves/fairies up to? ......

Thursday, 27 November 2014

'Good Will' (or Will for short) - Our DIY Kindness Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

Meet Will, short for GOOD WILL our kindness Elf on the Shelf.  I decided to make my own Elf on the Shelf (as quite frankly I was shocked at the price of them) but didn't want him to be naughty.  We have enough bad choices to deal with in this house without introducing more ideas! 

So from December 1st we are going to try and spread a bit of happiness. The children will be tasked with various things, for example: 

  • Smiling at 3 different people in school, 
  • Helping a friend out,
  • Tidying their bedroom,
  • Offering to do a job at home, 
  • Saying something nice about someone in the house and meaning it!
  • Folding their clothes up,
  • Writing a thank you note to someone, 
  • Choosing an old toy to give to charity, 
  • Thinking of an act of kindness that they can do, 
  • Giving a hug to someone they love, just because, 
  • Reading a story to their brother or sister. 

We will see how it goes and what Will gets up to - I shall be making it up as I go along! And yes I know he looks like he has hit the Christmas Sherry, it is all part of his unique charm!!

Creative Handmade Christmas Presents

Handmade Children's Christmas Presents 

Every year we give our children a present on Christmas Eve, this is the only present from us. Everything else is from Father Christmas.  Last year it was onsies!! This year I wanted to make something on a budget and if possible use up the odds and ends in my craft cupboard.... 

The inspiration came from a friend, who whilst chatting over coffee, said she was looking to get her daughter's Reindeer drawing made up into a soft toy. She had been researching ideas and the costs were from £60 up. Creative juices flowing I offered to have a go myself but made sure she knew I wasn't an expert toy maker!!  

So thank you to my coffee drinking friend because this was my inspiration for my gangs Christmas Eve present....... and I didn't buy anything, all was sourced from the depths of my craft cupboard.

The Angel

 The beauty of it is that they don't have to be perfect because you are copying the children's unique drawings!

The Christmas Tree

The Blue Square Man!

The Fairy.

These were all made out of bits of felt and stuffed with kapok, I even used some of my baking balls to weight them down and some old florestry wire to help them stand up!

Have you made anything that you want to share, I think we are always looking for new inspirations.

Happy Christmas Crafting.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Adopt a Retired Greyhound

Thinking of a new addition to the family.......

We already have 4 children and foster children as well; now we have adopted a retired greyhound! Are we mad you cry, my mother thinks I am (although she loves greyhounds!).  If you are considering adopting a greyhound then, even though we are less than 24 hours into our adoption, I couldn't do anything but recommend it.  

Meet Arthur, a loving 3 year old, He arrived yesterday afternoon and since then has been a delight. He is gentle with the children, house trained and settled well over night. 

We started our adoption journey a few weeks ago with a general enquiry to Greyhound Rescue Wales as we were unsure that a family of noisy, busy children with a small shared back garden would be the rightful place for a new addition!  We had already considered the garden issue and decided to erect a gate at the end of our ramp to the garden with the purpose of hopefully not providing a quick escape route!. or easy access to a gate left open or a visiting cat. 

Our home assessment went well and we were given the green light; much excitement followed! We were matched with Arthur. All greyhounds are fully assessed so that a really good home match can be made. It also allowed us to consider what we could cope with and if we could provide a loving home to meet all the needs of a greyhound. 

All the greyhounds are vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered. Arthur came with a lead and muzzle,We found lots of information on the Greyhound Rescue website under the adoption link, which helped us to prepare for our new addition. Arthur had already spent time  with a foster family so was used to family life. 

I know it is early days with Arthur but so far it has been a wonderful experience, He has settled down so quickly, loves his cuddles, is good with the children and has had a calming effect on the more exuberant children!

Watch this space for more adventures with Arthur and if you are thinking about adopting a greyhound there is plenty of information out there to help you make your decision. 

A big thank you from our family to 

#silent Sunday

#Silent Sunday
2nd November 2014

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Getting Out and About

I need my children to sleep, like every parent does, so I employ the 'Lets Wear Them Out' model! It doesn't always work but it is good fun! (apart from the trauma of getting coats and shoes on!)

Den Building on the beach, using drift wood, seaweed and rocks!

 A walk up the mountain......

Visiting Historical Places...

Hunting for signs of Autumn 

It doesn't always work, but we have fun trying - bed hopping is still a weekly occurrence in our house!  Hope you have had fun out and about?